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Financial Reporting & Tax Compliance

Our valuation services satisfy both domestic and international financial reporting standards. We closely monitor new regulatory and accounting pronouncements and implementation guidance to alleviate the uncertainty and pressures placed on our clients with respect to their financial reporting requirements. Our work is thorough, robust, and supported by the countless number of regulators and auditors who have approved our valuation reports.  Our firm focuses on:

  • Business Combinations / Opening Balance Sheets – (FAS 141R) / ASC Topic 805 / IFRS 3
  • Goodwill Impairment – (FAS 142) / ASC Topic 350 / IAS 36
  • Share-Based Payment – (FAS 123 R) / ASC Topic 718
  • IRC 409A
  • Fair Value Option for Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities– (FAS 159) / ASC Topic 825
  • Fair Value Measurements– (FAS 157) / ASC Topic 820

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