Houlihan Capital Participates in “Valuation Issues: Trends and Best Practices” Panel

Houlihan Capital Participates in "Valuation Issues: Trends and Best Practices" Panel

Houlihan Capital is pleased to announce our participation in Cohen & Co.’s Converge and Connect conference in Baltimore last week. Jules Pomerantz, CFO of Houlihan Capital, was invited as a guest panelist for session, “Valuation Issues: Trends and Best Practices.” Mr. Pomerantz gave insight on the importance of the following topics:

  • Using an independent third-party valuation provider
  • Selecting the right external valuation specialist
  • The level of experience when interacting with auditors, regulators, investors and administrators
  • The ability to support valuation analyses and conclusions
  • Team’s capacity to meet volume and timing needs

With growing valuation needs in the digital assets industry, Mr. Pomerantz also shared our firm’s experience with common issues in the space:

  • Choosing a qualified third-party valuation agent with sufficient experience and expertise
  • Pre-ICO investments/SAFTs
  • Updating valuation policies

For more information in regards to the topic “Valuation Issues: Trends and Best Practices,” please contact:

Monica Blocker
Vice President | Business Development

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