Fund Valuation Policies & Procedures

Valuation Policies

Given the difficulty of valuing illiquid assets and the potential for conflict of interest, hedge funds, private equity firms, and other investment managers and financial institutions are receiving greater attention from regulators, investors, auditors, politicians, and other industry participants, with the trend toward a well-defined and consistently applied valuation policy that complies with the relevant reporting standards, greater transparency and independence.

Policies and Procedures Review

Authored by a team of investment management experts, our process for policies and procedure review provides clear guidance in reviewing and often creating a pricing policy for insertion in a compliance manual that meets regulatory best practices.

The policies and procedure review solution at Houlihan Capital combines practical and industry proven “know how” with the flexibility to integrate your existing materials into one centralized solution.

Independent Valuations

Houlihan Capital has rendered thousands of valuation opinions for hedge funds, private equity firms, and other investment managers and financial institutions for financial reporting purposes.

We have assisted with various assets and asset types, ranging from single investments to multi-class portfolios.

Review of Internally Prepared Valuations

Investors are seeking additional security and insight into the performance, pricing, and risk of invested capital. Additionally, recent regulatory changes are increasing pressures on investment managers to provide clarity in their reporting to interested parties.

Houlihan Capital provides a suite of services to fund managers and interested parties aimed at independently critiquing assumptions, valuation methods, and conclusions for today’s changing market environment.

Assistance with Required Disclosures

Understanding the footnote disclosure requirements for fair value reporting including the impact changes in certain valuation inputs for Level 3 investments can be challenging. Houlihan Capital's extensive experience with valuations of various assets can provide valuable insight with regard to these matters.