Selling Your Business: The First Step to a New Chapter

There may be many reasons why a business owner may be thinking of selling, and it can be an exciting opportunity to the next chapter in life.

Working with founder-owned businesses for over 25+ years, Houlihan Capital has assisted and supported business owners in a wide range of reasons for exit. In this summary, we will discuss reasons why it may be time to sell.


  • Owners may be ready to be less involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. With age, focusing on other things such as retirement planning or spending more time with loved ones may be a bigger priority.
  • When stepping down, there may be some concern regarding the future of the business.
  • Leisure time may play a major role in the consideration of selling.


  • Owners may be facing serious health conditions and it is becoming more difficult to work and focus on the business’s needs.

Financial Reasons.

  • The business may be doing very well, and there is an opportunity to partner with outside parties for financial reasons.
  • There is a market for growth in the industry.
  • There may be an opportunity to invest in a different business venture, and selling will help fund new ideas.

Many of Houlihan Capital’s clients have a unique story to tell. We are committed to structuring a tailored approach to assist our clients in achieving their strategic, financial and risk-management objectives. We also understand the time sensitivity of many of our assignments and work diligently to meet these demands while minimizing operational disruption, allowing clients to focus on their business.

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